Stress is the Underlying Cause of Illness

To a greater or lessor degree, stress is the underlying cause of illness. Whether it is physical stress, emotional stress, or environmental stress….where there is illness….you’ll find stress. Even organic illness such as the common cold can be traced back to stress. While we know that the common cold is said to be caused by a virus, stress predisposes you catching it due to suppression of the immune system. This is why some people are sick all the time while others can even be exposed to the virus yet never get sick.

Are you under attack?

At some point in your life, you have come into contact with a certain type of person that just makes you feel uneasy. You can’t quite put your finger on why, yet when that person is around you just don’t feel quite the same. They make you feel inadequate and weak. There is a name for this type of personality. We call them “sociopaths”, and they are the most dangerous people in existence.

A sociopath is that person who will smile to your face while sliding a dagger into your back. They feel no regret, shame, or guilt because they have no conscience. They put on an act of being a total saint in public. Usually such a person will go to great lengths to brag about how ethical or religious he or she is to convince you of his or her level of ethics or righteousness.

Arguing with such as person is like shadow boxing because they can never take responsibility for anything. You can go round and round and the finger will always wind up pointing back at you. It is extremely frustrating, yet the sociopath gets enjoyment out of causing this effect on you. Sociopaths can’t admit being wrong because they associate being wrong with being weak, and they fear being weak because they know everyone is out to get them and to them weakness equals a sure death. They live with a secret and well-hidden terror of others, yet you would never suspect it.

Through a constant onslaught of invalidation (either overt or covert) the sociopath is capable of causing an unbelievable amount of stress in your life. People who are constantly connected to one or more of these personality types are usually sick, weak, and performing poorly in life.  In fact, when I find a chronically ill person, the first thing I do is look for the sociopath or sociopaths in their life because I know I’ll find them.

While Stress is the Underlying Cause of Illness, Suppression is the Underlying Cause of Stress

When someone is constantly invalidating you, undermining you, and covertly or overtly attacking you, you will be stressed. This can be your boss, your spouse, your friend (and I say that loosely), or anyone for that matter. Sociopaths make up at least 5 percent of our current society, and some even put that percentage up around 20 percent. I think it is more accurate to say that about 20 percent of society fall into the category of having sociopathic tendencies, but only 5 percent are truly dangerous in that they are capable of actual physical violence.

Most of the damage caused by a sociopath is done inside your mind. They get you to doubt yourself and feel inadequate. This eventually leads to depression and even worse. Most sociopaths never wind up in a mental institution, however, their victims often do. The mental damage is done through a constant barrage of invalidation and making you feel like nothing you do is ever good enough. Everything you do wrong will be amplified and thrown back in your face to make you feel guilt. Everything they do wrong to you is deserved by you or in some way brought on by YOUR behavior. Living with one is a mental nightmare.

The Good News is that Help is Available

Illness only happens when the environment is just right for it to thrive. When you are stress, suppressed, and weak, you are a prime target for illness because of your weakened state. Your body knows EXACTLY how to heal itself, but it needs a stress-free environment and proper nutrition in order to do so.

By weeding out and identifying the sociopaths in your life, you are eliminating the actual SOURCE of your stress. The results of doing this are often miraculous. You will need professional help to do this because it takes a trained person to know what too look for and to correctly coach you through the process. It will take some work, but the results are more worth it than you can ever imagine until you’ve experienced it.

Quantum Regression Therapy is very powerful in this respect. The practitioner can artfully guide you back through your life and help you to identify those who have caused you undue stress both in your past and in your present day life. Once you identify the source of the stress, the stress immediately dissipates and your body and mind can begin too heal.

Identifying the source of the stress is a huge part of the battle. If you are currently connected to a sociopath on a regular basis, you will either need to learn how to interact with this person without becoming the effect of their poison or you will need to sever your ties altogether. This is a personal choice, but it can save your life. Remember…stress is the underlying cause of illness but suppression is the underlying cause of stress.

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