Stress Buster Quantum Assist

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If you are frustrated by stress, agitation, inability to focus, inability to sleep, or if you are constantly worrying about your problems, then you NEED the Stress Buster Quantum Assist.

Stress is the major underlying factor beneath all illness, yet modern medicine never seems to address it. There are many causes of stress, but one thing all types of stress have in common is that they are rooted deeply in your subconscious mind. Being able to fully relax and focus is extremely important in combating stress, and this assist will help you to do exactly that.

This course will help you to fully relax, sleep soundly through the night, and stay laser focused during the day so you can enjoy life again with reduced stress and illness, because THAT is what you deserve!

  • Discover how to use precise pressure points to help you relax, focus and beat stress.
  • Learn how diet affects your ability to relax and handle stress.
  • Listen to the recorded Daily Mind Exercises to initiate deep relaxation and laser focus.
  • Learn which nutritional supplements can help to relax your body and beat stress without side effects.
  • Discover powerful aromatherapy techniques that combat stress, induce sleep, and improve focus.


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Module 1 Introduction & Instructions
Unit 1 Introduction to the Stress Buster Quantum Assist
Unit 2 How to Use This Quantum Assist
Unit 3 Discovery Consultations
Unit 4 Quiz: Instructions
Module 2 Nutrition for Relaxation and Focus
Unit 1 Nutritional Support for Relaxation and Focus
Unit 2 Quiz: Nutrition for Relaxation
Module 3 Aromatherapy for Focus and Relaxation
Unit 1 What is Aromatherapy?
Unit 2 Specific Aromatherapy for Focus and Relaxation
Unit 3 Quiz: Aromatherapy for Relaxation and Focus
Module 4 Pressure Points for Relaxation and Focus
Unit 1 Pressure Point Instructions
Unit 2 The Pressure Points
Unit 3 Quiz: Relaxation Pressure Points
Module 5 Daily Mind Exercises
Unit 1 Instructions for Daily Mind Exercises
Unit 2 DME 0: Initial Setup
Unit 3 DME 1: Your Garden of Tranquility
Unit 4 DME 2: The Grand Overlook
Unit 5 DME 3: The Reflection Pool
Unit 6 DME 4: The Hall of Inspiration
Unit 7 Quiz: Daily Mind Exercises