Quit Smoking Quantum Assist

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This is a complete holistic program to help you quit smoking IMMEDIATELY. Just imagine…in less than 24 hours, It’ll be like you’ve never smoked before.

The program is VERY EASY for you to implement. It includes some very powerful recorded hypnotherapy sessions as well as nutritional support, acupressure techniques, and aromatherapy techniques designed to make it nearly impossible for you to fail.


Everything that currently keeps you smoking will be addressed, including all the physical and mental triggers.

Here is what you will receive with this program:

  • My Powerful Recorded Hypnotherapy Sessions which can be used as many times as needed until you have successfully quit smoking. All you do is RELAX and LISTEN…your mind does the rest.
  • Online written, audio, and video lessons that will teach you powerful acupressure techniques, aromatherapy techniques, and nutritional support all designed with one thing in mind….TO HELP YOU QUIT SMOKING PERMANENTLY. (See the course outline in the description below).
  • An EXACT program incorporating all of the above which, when followed, WILL help you to quit smoking forever. You will be a NON-SMOKER!
  • Lifetime access to the entire program and all resources just in case the temptation arises in the future.
  • Unlimited access to support through our online support ticket system.
  • Access to my PRIVATE Facebook support group where you can chat with others who have either completed the program, or who are still on the program.
  • Personalized “Completion Certificate” suitable for framing. Hang it on your wall as a constant reminder that you are now a NON-SMOKER.
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Course Outline

Here is a breakdown of all lesson modules and units included in this program:

Module 1 Intro & Instructions
Unit 1 Introduction to the Quit Smoking Assist
Unit 2 How to Use this Quantum Assist
Unit 3 Discovery Consultations
Module 2 Hypnotherapy Sessions
Unit 1 IMPORTANT: Introduction to Hypnosis
Unit 2 Hypnotherapy Session 1 - The Core Session
Unit 3 Hypnotherapy Session 2 - Re-Enforcement Session
Module 3 Nutrition Support While Quitting
Unit 1 Nutrition Support to Help You Quit Smoking
Module 4 Aromatherapy to Help You Quit
Unit 1 What is Aromatherapy?
Unit 2 Specific Aromatherapy to Help You Quit Smoking
Module 5 Pressure Points to Help You Quit
Unit 1 Pressure Point Instructions
Unit 2 The Pressure Points