How Can Past Life Regression Therapy Help You?

One area I get asked about over and over again is with regards to Regression Therapy, whether past life, present life, or future life regression. This has always been an area that generates both a lot of interest and curiosity for obvious reasons.

Have You Ever Lived Before This Life?

What a question! But think about it….have you? We can all recall incidents earlier in this present lifetime. However, some (more that you may think) have vividly recalled incidents from previous LIFETIMES that affect decisions and abilities during this present lifetime.

Why should you even bother of discovering your past life when your present life is too much to handle? This is the common misconception of many people. You see, if you’re facing a lot of dilemmas today, it may be connected to your past life. By re-opening your past life, you may be able to find answers.

Here’s a very good example. A certain wealthy individual is suffering from an unexplained trauma. In his past life, he discovered that he was extremely wealthy and barbarians killed him. The trauma experienced by the individual is connected to his past. Unconsciously, his mind has associated wealth with death which explains the trauma he is currently facing.

Women who are not comfortable in the presence of men especially in having sex may have been raped in their past lives. Some have even found that, during that past lifetime, they had a male body, and were guilty of raping a woman which causes them hesitation with the sex act in their present life.

A habitual eater may have been around during the Holocaust wherein thousands of people died because of hunger. At present, the individual is trying really hard to control his life and whenever he or she is in distress, eating too much is a natural tendency.

A greedy pirate in the past may find it hard to handle finances in the present life.

These are true examples of past life regression. These individuals were able to understand their present condition by simply subjecting themselves to Past Life Regression therapy. In fact, according to studies, health conditions may be rooted to the past life of an individual.

Healing May Be Possible Through Past Life Regression

People suffering from asthma may have choked or drowned in the past. Those who suffer from back pain may have been shot or stabbed on the back. Healing may be possible through past life regression. If you’ve been undergoing medical check ups and programs for a long time but with no substantial improvement, perhaps it’s now time to consider Past Life Regression therapy.

Therapists claim that the memories of the past life lie on the unconscious mind of the individual. Oftentimes, wrong conclusions about the past are already imprinted in the subconscious and because of this the present life is also affected. For instance, in your past life, your husband left you so in your present life you don’t trust men. Another example is you were killed when the Romans attacked at night and so today you associate darkness to danger.

This is the rationale of past life regression. All your fears today including some of your health conditions may be the result of wrong imprints in your mind. Discovering the past may be your only chance to correct things. When you’re rediscovering your past life, it is possible that you will not remember anything once you’re mind is brought back to he present time by the therapist. The details of the Past Life Regression sessions will be provided by the therapist in this case. Talk to your therapist and reveal your past, no matter how good or bad it is. You must learn to understand your past life so that you can better understand the present.

Past life regression is not new and it has been practiced for many years now. Aside from hypnosis, the therapist can also use other methods to uncover your past life. After talking to a Past Life Regression therapist, the appropriate method can be determined. You need to be open to the therapist and provide all the necessary information. You will benefit greatly from Past Life Regression. If you’re having second thoughts about it, you can invite a friend or a family member to accompany you.

Quantum Regression Therapy

Here at Quantum Life Repair, we have our own powerful method of regression therapy called Quantum Regression Therapy. It works with all forms of regression (past life, present life, and future life) depending on YOUR individual needs. Quantum Regression Therapy is very powerful and can be done by phone, Skype, or in person. It is very safe and produces life-changing results.

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