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Read On to Find Out How Just ONE 20-Minute Session a Day Helped Me Overcome Major Obstacles in My Life, and How it Can Help You Accomplish ANYTHING You Can Dream Of…

  • Frustration happens as a result of wanting to accomplish something, yet having your mental blueprint telling you that you can't have it.
  • Your mental blueprint has been running your life on automatic, and in the background, since you were between 6 and 9 years old.
  • Your mental blueprint is like the operating system in a computer, running in the background in your subconscious mind, just beyond your reach.
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    Your computer operating system is updated several times each month, yet most people never update their own mental blueprint.
Hi, I’m Dr Gary Danko, and I want to show you how to get your life goals and purposes on the fast track by taking the same steps I took…but without all the trial and error…and without all the expense. It’s made all the difference for me, and it will make all the difference for you too.

You Can IN FACT Have Everything You Want In Life If You Do What I Did For Only 20 Minutes Each Day

Like most people, I’ve always had my dreams and goals. From a young age, I wanted to do something important, that would help people, and bring greatness to the world
When I got out of school, I had huge dreams, but no money. That’s why I moved FAST when I was first approached with the idea of owning my own business. I’d never owned a business before, and I had no idea how to run one, but I knew it was the right thing to do.
I worked my tail off for the next year and a half, but I was still making less than I was spending each month. At the same time, I was watching other people launch forward and make tons of money with seemingly no effort at all. What was I missing?

There is no way I could have been more frustrated!

The worst part was seeing other people who got started AFTER me making more money than I was making…A LOT MORE!
When I would ask what they were doing different from me, I found that they were actually doing pretty much the same actions as me but getting WAY BETTER RESULTS! Auuugh! Frustration was beating the heck out of me at that point!

How Could I Work So Hard...and Do the Same Actions as Successful People...but STILL FAIL?

Because I Was Doing SOME of the Right Things

Isn’t it funny how someone can be successful at something for years and years, yet NEVER be able to identify their REAL SUCCESSFUL ACTIONS or teach others what it was that truly made them successful in the first place?

My day of reckoning finally came!

One night, I was so frustrated that I looked up into the sky and said, GOD! What do I need to do to be satisfied with my life? Please help me find what I’m missing! Please help me find someone who can help!
Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t know if you are religious or not, and that isn’t what is important here. What IS IMPORTANT, is that I had FINALLY asked the right question…and the answer REVEALED ITSELF to me only two days later when I got a phone call from the top producer in the company I was with at the time.
He said, “I understand that you’re having problems…and I know whyAND I know how to fix itIFand I stress IF…you are willing to invest in yourself, because if your wallet isn’t in it, your heart isn’t in it
I just knew for some reason that this was my opportunity…my big chance…and I wasn’t about to blow it by turning down his offer.
It cost me over $5,000 in personal coaching…a lot of money for me at the time…but what I learnedabout myself, and about the power of the human mind, was WAY more than worth that small investment.

DOING the Correct ACTIONS is Nearly Useless when You Have Underlying Core Beliefs that are Setting You Up for Failure

Wow! I was sabotaging my success on a daily basis without even knowing I was doing it! And, not only was I sabotaging my business efforts...I was effectively and routinely sabotaging my relationships, career, self esteem, and my overall future ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

That Personal Coaching Program was the Turning Point in My Life that Finally Allowed Me to Accomplish Any Goal I Put My Attention On

During the coaching sessions I received over the next couple of months, I learned some powerful Daily Mind Exercises that I’ve used for over 30 years, and that I STILL USE TODAY.
I also received some private sessions that DIRECTLY ADDRESSED my core beliefs. We located and blasted away the core beliefs which were not only holding me back, but which were also DESTROYING MY LIFE, and replaced them with new core beliefs that still continue to help me to this day.
The soul-shaking breakthroughs I had as a result of those sessions eventually lead me to undertaking a life-long study of the mind and life which eventually resulted in earning my PhD.
Not only did I learn HOW to deliver these sessions to others; I discovered ways to both amplify the results and to simplify the delivery, which made it possible to teach this powerful skill to others.

Finally! I Was On the Right Path and Everything I Touched Seemed to Turn to Gold

Then...Everything Turned Upside Down and Forced Me to Learn Yet Another Lesson

The changes began to happen unbelievably fast, and, my results began to compound almost over night. In fact, things that had previously taken weeks to accomplish were now being accomplished in mere hours.
My business grew and grew. Money was pouring in…more than I could spend, and my lifestyle began to change as well, because now I had the money to do all those things I had always wanted to do.
I would plan trips, parties, and events, then invite all my friends…even pay their way if they didn’t have the money. But I quickly found that it backfired on me, and many of my friends parted ways with me…and THAT HURT.
All I wanted to do was enjoy the fruits of my success and share it with my friends, but most of them resented me and thought I was just trying to rub my success in their faces.

This was NOT the effect I wanted to create!

Money quickly became unimportant to me…especially if it caused me to lose touch with the people I loved being around. This made me realize that life is more than just a quest to make more and more money. In fact, I was tired of constantly chasing money at that point…

No Matter How Much You Share the Fruits of Your Success with Your Friends, They Will Resent YouUNLESS You Share the Secrets of Your Success With Them

This was a painful lesson to learn, but a valuable one. Once I realized what was causing the resentment, I immediately took action to begin sharing ALL of my successful actions with my friends…and this made ALL the difference in the world! 

Your Friends Will NEVER Fully Appreciate Your Success Until You Show Them How to Create Their Own Success

The information and skills I learned were not easy to come by. Don’t get me wrong…none of it was difficult to learn or to DOjust difficult to FIND…and not easily affordable to most people.
Between personal coaching, my studies, and my research projects, I had invested a huge amount of money in myself…and I was determined to make it pay off by doing something that would bring greatness to the world, my family, and to all my friends.
I had to do some soul-searching, and get back in touch with where I came from to find the answer to my dilemma. Just as I had been frustrated…just as I had resented those who were doing the “same actions” as I was doing yet succeeding where I was failing…my friends were finding themselves in that SAME PLACE.
This is a dilemma that most people immediately run into in the early stages of their success…and it is an anchor that tends to draw people backwards into their “previous lifestyle“.

The Secret is NOT to Disconnect from Your Friends…Just Bring Them With You!

I found that by empowering my friends and family with the same information and skills that had empowered me, it not only saved valuable friendships…it made them even stronger!
A powerful enough sense of purpose is contagious, and tends to unite people toward that common purpose…and a motivated group of people united by a common purpose is UNSTOPPABLE!

We ALL Share a Common Enemy that Works Hard Behind the Scenes, Constantly Sabotaging Our Success, Ruining Our Relationships, and Generally Destroying Our Dreams

What Would Happen if We Turned that Enemy Into Our Most POWERFUL Asset?

My studies into the human mind introduced me to a concept that totally changed my life, and taught me yet another VERY IMPORTANT lesson…a lesson that is THE KEY TO ACHIEVING ANYTHING.
Various experts and coaches constantly drove home to me the concept that the mind is capable of achieving anything it is focused on. This made sense, but yet it never fully answered the question of “WHY?” or “HOW?”.
I knew there had to be some “untold secret” about how the mind works that was somehow kept out of the reach of the average person…and then…I found it!

Your mind can either be your worst enemy, or your most powerful asset…

First, I had to get rid of some partially false information that had become a CORE BELIEF

I had always held tightly to the idea that “what you think about, you bring about”. It made sense to me…and it makes sense to a lot of people…because it contains just a HINT OF TRUTH.
A more accurate way to phrase that is…


Wouldn't it Make Sense that THE Most Powerful and Complex Computer in the World Should Have Better Virus Protection?

The Majority of Your Mind's Power is Hidden Beneath Your Consciousness, and it is Either Working FOR YOU or AGAINST YOU

One of the most important concepts I’ve ever learned with regards to the mind is that an estimated 88% of it is hidden below our consciousness. We call it the “Subconscious Mind”. Many professionals in the mental health field call it the “Unconscious Mind”, but based on extensive research, it is far from unconscious…in fact, it is “online” more than the “Conscious Mind”
The Subconscious Mind is “online” 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for your ENTIRE LIFE…even while you sleep…even when your body is in an unconscious state…IT RECORDS EVERYTHING!

Truth be known, you are only consciously using approximately 12% of your mind while you are awake. 

The part you are aware of using while you are awake is called your “Conscious Mind”.  The Conscious Mind is PROactive and makes up about 12% of your mind. It is the part of your mind that you actively think and reason with. The part that constantly runs in the background and “runs the show” beneath your awareness is the “Subconscious Mind”. The Subconscious Mind is REactive…which means that it works on a stimulus/response basis…you do not directly control it. It makes up approximately 88% of your mind.
Conscious Mind
Subconscious Mind
If you were to imagine yourself being separated into three parts it might look like the illustration below with YOU as the “spiritual essence” owning a mind and a body.
You are a spiritual being that can think and act independently of your brain, body, and subconscious mind. This can also be considered to be the “Conscious Mind”…it is YOU

Your brain is NOT YOUR MIND…and your brain is NOT YOU

The brain is just an electrical panel that controls your body through a network of nerves based on information fed to it by both YOU and your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

The SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is like a computer that is always with you and that runs CONSTANTLY. It is full of pieces of information that can be divided into APPS and VIRUSES. It gives orders and commands to the brain and receives information from the brain. It also gives commands directly to YOU, but only allows limited feedback from YOU. 
Much of the information stored in the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is useful. I call the USEFUL information APPS (like applications in a computer). Some of these APPS automatically control things such as your heartbeat, breathing and other bodily functions in the background (beneath your consciousness). Some APPS even give you PERMISSION and ability to DO things in your life that are PRO SURVIVAL.
There is also a TON of information stored in your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND that is harmful to your mental health, physical health, relationships, and YOU. I call the HARMFUL information VIRUSES (like viruses that effect a computer). These VIRUSES also work below your consciousness to hinder your ability to think and act in a PRO SURVIVAL manner. They slow you down in life, ruin your relationships, cause you to do illogical things, and keep you from doing the things you truly want to do.

The Combination of USEFUL APPS and HARMFUL VIRUSES in your Subconscious Mind is Your Mental Blueprint, or What I Like to Call…Your WEALTH DNA!

The ONLY Way for You to Truly Get What You Want Out of Life is to Eradicate the VIRUSES in Your Mind and REPLACE THEM with USEFUL APPS that Drive You in the Right Direction

This is why I always say that you are only ONE SESSION AWAY… Because EVERY TIME you identify one of these harmful VIRUSES, eradicate it, and replace it with USEFUL INFORMATION, you move ONE STEP CLOSER to being capable of accomplishing LITERALLY ANYTHING!


I’ve gone over quite a bit of information on this page, and you might feel a little overwhelmed at this point, so please allow me to simplify this and lay out the most important points for you:

  • Doing the Correct Actions is Nearly Useless
    when you have Underlying Core Beliefs that are Setting You Up for Failure
  • No Matter How Much You Share the FRUITS of Your Success
    Your friends will Resent You UNLESS You Share the SECRETS of your success with them.
  • Whatever Your Mind is Constantly Working On Becomes Your Reality
    There are USEFUL APPS and HARMFUL VIRUSES constantly running in the background, inside your Subconscious Mind that create your reality for you every day. These APPS and VIRUSES make up your Mental Blueprint....otherwise known as your Wealth DNA.
  • The Key to Success is to Change Your Wealth DNA
    The combination of Harmful Viruses and Useful Apps in your Subconscious Mind make up your Mental Blueprint...what I call your Wealth DNA. You only need to have MORE Useful Apps than Harmful Viruses on any subject to have better results in that area.
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    You Are Only One Session Away
    If you follow in my footsteps by doing the same type of Daily Mind Exercises I did only 1 time per day, you can change your life and empower yourself to BRING GREATNESS TO THE WORLD. This is not difficult, and the results come QUICKLY!
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    Don't Forget Your Friends
    Empower your friends by sharing this Life Changing Information with them and you'll never be alone. It is definitely possible to "out grow" your relationships, so it is important to bring them along with you on your journey. Together we can change the world!

I've Made All This SO EASY FOR YOU that You Won't Believe How Fast Your Life Is Going to Change!

Just because I spent tens of thousands of dollars and over 30 years learning all this doesn't mean that YOU have to do the same thing. 
Remember earlier when I told you that I found a way to simplify all this so that ANYONE can IMMEDIATELY learn it and do it? 


This is by far the most important process you will EVER LEARN, so I painstakingly prepared the entire program in such a way that EVERYONE CAN BENEFIT!
And...You will not need a PhD in Psychology to understand how it all works.
My intention has always been to make my Daily Mind Exercises available to the world so that they were affordable to EVERYONE and deliver them in a way that ANYONE could begin to use them right away with ZERO training at all.
These are the same Daily Mind Exercises that have allowed me to accomplish AMAZING THINGS in my life that I could have NEVER EVEN IMAGINED accomplishing prior to doing the exercises.


There is NOTHING ELSE that I've EVER done that has given me even close to the same results as I've gotten from doing these Daily Mind Exercises!

AND I Want YOU to Have Them... AND USE THEM

Available Now...For the First Time Ever


You are only one session away...

If you’ve EVER been disappointed with the results you’re getting in ANY AREA OF YOUR LIFE, these Daily Mind Exercises are the solution you’ve been waiting for
Do you need more money? 
Do you want better relationships?
Do you want to get more done in less time?
Do you want to sleep better…and relax more thoroughly?
Do you want to effortlessly manifest anything you desire?
Do you want to be healthier?
Do you need to lose some weight?
Do you want a better career?
Do you want to be able to help others more effectively?
Do you want to start a new business?
Do you want to have the ability to easily attract the people you need into your life?
All you need to do is listen to ONE of these Daily Mind Exercises, ONE time each day, for about 15 to 20 minutes…THAT’S IT.

Your mind will do the rest of the work for you…AUTOMATICALLY!

Your mind is extremely powerful and knows EXACTLY what to do with the information in the recorded DAILY MIND EXERCISESAll you have to do is relax and let the technology do all the work for you.
The Daily Mind Exercises in your program use some extremely powerful technology that incorporates some Custom Therapeutic Sounds that were created specifically for these exercises, along with a special Linguistics (language) Technology designed to bypass the part of your mind that refuses to give you access to your own subconscious mind. 
Many people describe these Daily Mind Exercises as a MIND MASSAGE. They are very relaxing, very centering, and VERY HEALTHY FOR YOU.
Once your mind has been prepared, it is then possible to install some new USEFUL APPS directly into your Subconscious Mind that will allow you to gain full control over your thoughts…and to be fully AT CAUSE over your life!

These specific Daily Mind Exercises were designed to:

  • Help you effortlessly achieve full, focused relaxation at any time
  • Build Self Esteem and help you to have more appreciation of life
  • Establish a state of LASER FOCUS any time you need it
  • Allow you to connect to a POWERFUL source of answers and solutions
  • Remove Barriers to your Success in any area of life
  • Boost your mental sharpness and ability to resolve problems
Quite honestly, it took MONTHS to construct this program, because it HAD TO BE PERFECT…and it HAD TO WORK FOR EVERYONE.
The idea was to put these DAILY MIND EXERCISES in MP3 format so that all you need to do is listen to them through any pair of headphones or earbuds and get the results without having to KNOW OR DO anything else.

Well Guess What…

After nearly a year of scripting, recording, testing, re-scripting, re-recording, and re-testing….
Not only did I get the EXACT result I was looking for…but I am also able to offer it to you for a ridiculously small and affordable investmentbecause I think EVERYONE deserves to have the same amazing results that I’ve gotten by using these exercises!

Here's What You're Getting:

  • Audio Instruction Manual
    Although these Daily Mind Exercises are EXTREMELY easy to do, it is important that you fully understand the sequence to do things in, as well as some basic DO's and DON'Ts for best results.
  • The Initial Setup Exercise
    This is a recorded session that is nearly 50 minutes long that is designed to prepare your mind for the Daily Mind Exercises. You should only need to listen to this once, but you can use it as often as you like.
  • The 4 CORE Daily Mind Exercises
    These are recorded in an MP3 format that can be easily downloaded to any device. All you need to do is plug in your headphones or earbuds, get yourself comfy and listen to the sessions in order...one session a day.
Quantum Wealth DNA: Daily Mind Exercises

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You're Only One Session Away...

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Quantum Wealth DNA: Daily Mind Exercises

Gary Danko, PhD


I've been interested in the mind and life since I was very young. My studies into the human mind, spirituality, holistic health, and mankind eventually lead to earning my PhD and becoming an ordained minister. The mind is one of those areas of study that never ends, because we are always learning more. To me, there is not a more important area to study and to know about, because our minds are infinitely powerful, and encompass all of life. We are very powerful and intelligent beings with infinite ability. My mission is to spread this powerful technology areound the world and to train hundreds of thousands of Quantum Life Repair Practitioners all around the world. Together we can accomplish miracles.

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