Abusive Behavior: Understanding Psychological & Emotional Abuse

Have you experienced abusive behavior at some point in your life from a loved one, co-worker, friend or anyone else?  Do you know how to identify such behavior and protect yourself from it?

Are you or a loved one the victim of emotional and/or psychological abuse? Do you feel confused as to the best way to deal with the situation? Do you have a difficult time recognizing people for who they are or for what they have in store for you?

There are certain unmistakable traits that all abusers display IF you know what you’re looking for. It’s important to know these traits just for the convenience of being able to live your life free of those who would do you harm through psychologically or emotionally abusive behavior. 

This article and several more to follow are designed to help you by teaching you how to get along in a world where more than 5 percent of the people are truly what I call vampire personalities who have NOTHING good in store for you, but who would gladly use you for all you’re worth and spit you out like a used piece of chewing gum.

What I’m going to talk about are those who have been referred to as narcissistic and sociopathic personalities, however, clinical terms are not really important except for medical diagnosis, and medical diagnosis means absolutely nothing to the victims or potential victims of the abusive behavior of such a person. In fact, it is rare that one of these vampire personalities will show up in a clinical situation or even for light counseling. It is the victims who are generally seeking treatment.

The type of people I’m referring to would NEVER consider anything mentally wrong with themselves. They even consider themselves to be very “ethical” and “above reproach”, however, they are EXTREMELY critical of others. You will find them in every walk of life. They show up as business executives, janitors, lawyers, police officers, judges, home makers, and even as pastors or priests. You may even be married to, or dating one of them right now!

One thing to know VERY CLEARLY is that although these types of people are extremely dangerous to a society, they are VERY difficult to spot unless you know the traits. The mistake is to OVER assign this characterization where it doesn’t apply. What I mean by that is that while you don’t want to make justifications for hurtful behavior, it is also important not to be too liberal in assigning this type of classification to a person who truly doesn’t deserve it.

The list of traits I’m going to teach you over the next several articles should be used as a WHOLE rather than individually. In other words, if a person doesn’t display the majority of the traits, it would be unfair to classify that person as a vampire personality. It is also important to know the traits of a person who is HEALTHY to be around. If a person has a majority of healthy traits and from time to time that person exhibits one of the UNHEALTHY traits, that does not make him or her a “bad” person. We all slip up from time to time, but the person I’m going to teach you about will use these traits all the time.

If you’ve ever suffered at the hand of depression, recurring illness, feelings of inadequacy, feelings of being “held back in life”, or that life is just too difficult in general, there is a person responsible for these feelings, and chances are it’s not you but rather someone you are connected to. It’s about time you acquire the tools to take back control of your life.

Dr Gary Danko

Specializes in helping people remove life's roadblocks through the use of Hypnosis and Life Coaching. Certifications include PhD in Metaphysics, Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Reflexologist, Certificate in Advanced Acupressure, Certificate in Aromatherapy, and Reiki Master. If you need help overcoming life's obstacles, set an appointment for a FREE Discovery Consultation